Is it me?

By taking in The Work of Byron Katie we can begin to see how when we look at our world and the people in it and all of our judgements, we can begin to understand what it is we are creating.

In this video the man could have gone the route of thinking "better" thoughts about his sister or help her fix all of her problems (the problems HE thinks she has), yet using The Work he was able to question his thoughts and see how they were really about himself. You can hear in his words how questioning his thoughts had a physical reaction. He is shifting his internal reality and there will be results outside of himself as a result. He says his sister is already showing up differently in his mind, just by questioning the box he has her in.

The same is true with our children. We think we are responding to the "reality" of who they are. We are in fact creating that reality with our own beliefs. We think by focusing on them and changing things outside, they will be happy, we will be happy. Or that they are the ones with a "problem" that needs fixing. Trust that they are perfect in every way. A gift is this relationship because it allows us to see into ourselves. Anytime you are trying to change something on the outside you are avoiding your own inner work.