So I was recently feeling the pull towards live foods and instead of just flowing with it from moment to now an a salad, I was trying to put it in a box....oh now I am being guided to a raw food diet. Immediately the thought that I was to regulate or box in or label my in take began to highlight things that I couldn't have, normally wouldn't even want. This false construct I was making with the mind was interfering with my being in the moment with food.

I was chatting with a friend who loves to fast an do raw foods and such and just kept saying, even though I can see the loveliness that it might offer, that it just doesn't feel right to have rules about the food.... DUH!!!

So now I happily embrace. "I eat whatever I want, whenever I want."

Saying that, feeling that, feels really good and freeing.

If I were to say that and in my minds eye see my inner child jump for joy at the prospect of eating anything I wanted or feel fear about food I would use that for my inner clearing process. I don't want my inner child making my food choices. AND there is also a place for nurturing the inner child and creating a relationship with her by offering such treats that I may not have had, part of the "repair work" or undoing process.

This frees us so much food energy exchange with my kids. It is one things to remove external control but to feel it and live it from an authentic place is miraculous indeed.