Inner Being Disconnect

When I was little I imagine I became pretty disconnected with my inner feelings and my inner truth. Some were probably too painful and lonely. The answer I found in focusing on the outer world. Trying to maneuver and control people and things. At times it was probably a healthy transition and then it turned into an addiction. What better way to keep this up than by being a parent. Of course I have to control the little people, they need me, I know better and on and on.

If I focus on controlling and managing them I maintain my distance with the joy of life and I am trapped in the mind. I bring my energy and my focus into myself and things flow. I connect with my Self and I participate fully, I feel more vibrant and loving.

Be Here Now.

Walk gently today. Be aware of the feet hitting the floor. When you see a child allow your gaze to rest a moment longer. Be aware of your breathing. Listen more today. Be a receiver. Who are these people I spend my days and moments with? What wonderful creations they are.

Notice when I go in the mind, the past, the future. I have given everything I see all the meaning it has for me. Everything.