Child Spills Milk

When I keep my eye on the prize of peace, obstacles fall to the way side. At other times the obstacles seem permanent and require attention. I personally believe that joyfulness, I can call it peacefulness too, is our natural state of being and it is life's programming that covers up that joy. By holding out my intention for joy, the blocks to that joy will naturally pop up so I can be with them and clear the way.

Where does the programming come from?

Imagine yourself a little computer and the first 7 years of your life are all about setting up your programming of how you will be in the world. The early year experiences of life are going to program you for your later years. Input comes in, is filtered through the program and out "it" comes.

Input....child spills milk...filtered through past experiences of calm and understanding.....
Output....probably calm and understanding.

Input.....child spills milk....filtered through past experiences of upset and blame...
Output....probably anger and blame.

The spilt milk is meaningless, we give it all the meaning it has for us. So if joyfulness is our natural state and I react with "less than" that, it is only due to my programming. The good news is that my response can be deprogrammed and, in my experience, when I deprogram my response, reprogramming is effortless when I am mindful of appreciation and gratitude for all that is.