Honoring Being

In his book "Radical Parenting: Seven Steps To a Functional Family in a Dysfunctional World" Brad Blanton poses the question "What would a family organized around values that honor being, rather than obedience to authority, be like?"

This is something I have as my vision for this life. To honor the being in myself and others, to just let us be! I was watching our beloved cats the other day. What a wonderful life they have. They come and they go. They have a full bowl of food available at all times and fresh water and loads of love. We love them dearly and let them do their thing. Never once a moment of, "Honey, do you think that Moe is sleeping too much?" "Honey, do you think he ate too much?" They come and go as they please. I trust the life that they are.

I had a chat with my husband about that being the kind of life I want for all of us. To come and go as we please. Follow our inner self, our inner being, let the life force that moves through us, lead us. Growing up in this world I have learned to answer to an external authority in so many ways: parents, teachers, friends, culture and even God. Trying to be obedient to these authorities has been very painful and deadening to my free spirit.

It is our family intention that we be who we be and let the inner life force guide us. My children have an easier time of it than I do, as I am still in the process of deprogramming my reliance on externals to feel whole and complete. I must get out of their way. Having a strong desire for their freedom motivates me to find my own. It is really true that I can only give what I have. The more space I allow myself to be, it just naturally flows out to those in my life. Using my role as parent to notice the blocks that I have to the awareness of loves presence I free up my whole being. That is the greatest gift I can offer them.

Let there be peace on earth and let it begin with me.